Digital Garden – Monet’s Garden 1992

In the Digital Garden, figurative and nature intertwine to create a new world in the computer. The computer allows exploringthe interplay within objects and change even how the viewer sees a simple garden.

This work was created in 1992 on a three month grant by Arts International to Monet’s Garden, Givereny, France. West took an Amiga 2000 computer and video capture board to the garden to create this 80 piece work, The Digital Garden.

New Tecnology For old luddite 2010

Have been thinking about how to show my work since 2006- the years project is 50 pieces- Just part of the story is 100-

so last night after much reseach I went out and bought a Viera TV  32″. I had first seen this at the local Pizza place that was showing people holding the bumper sticker of the restaurant  at all the places they had been. I discovered that it has a SM card player on the side- and is not just a HDTV. After haunting Best Buy for a couple of weeks- asking questions –  size vs cost and pixel ratio vs. cost ( anything at 32″ or less it will show the same visual at 720 pixel or 1024)  I went in last night to purchase. Low and behold the price had droped again from $450 to 399!

I have spent the day putting my art on SM and visualizing. Images are more juicy than on the computer- but it is the perfect way to show my latest work in my retrospective and the Amherst Biannual.

Backup hell 1992

It was 3″ floppy which held under 1meg of memory ( of course my work would be 32K to 100K big). There was no reasonably priced back up accept for the Bernoulli drive which was costly.

Review of the Bernolii in 1992
The reviewed Iomega Bernoulli 90 Transportable is still a bit pricey at $1,149–actually $1,713, when you include the mandatory SCSI PC-compatible bootable interface kit and three 90Mb disks. The drive retains the ruggedness of last year’s $1,800 22ms 44Mb model, and now boasts an average access time of 19ms and 90Mb capacity, Three additional 90Mb disks cost $300, offering unlimited storage expansion at just over a dollar per megabyte.

Unlike earlier models, the Bernoulli 90 is small and light enough to travel with your laptop. No laptop slots? Iomega offers a $265 parallel interface. Never travel? The internal Bernoulli 90 slips into your desktop for $ 150 less than the reviewed transportable.

Monet’s Garden

I had seen this reciencey posted in a magazine. Arts is residency in Monet’s Garden. Wow. wanted it bad. Worked on a series of digital work to send in as slides for the grant.

Still life with Computer

First show after graduation at a small gallery in Deerfield. How to make the work archival? Bought a slide maker to make slides then made the work into cibachromes. Started using a new program called Dig-paint that allowed you to work between images.

happy 25th amiga

Graduate Show printing problems 1989

There where a couple of problem with making pictures using the color Zexox method. One was that the image color set was nothing like the  screen image  and  the Other wass the high level of pixelation. I solved one with learning to love the differences and the other with oil pastels.

Above how it looked printed- below how it looked on screen

Graduate show 1989

The theme of my graduate show was personal computations. These were portraits of women friends done on the computer. In order to make them larger than the okimate 8″X11″- color zeroxing had just come back- so I printed them on the okimate, blew them up on the color zerox, and dry mounted them. The trick with doing portraits was in order to do them ” Live” the subject had to sit very very still as I moved the color wheel around.

Deluxe Paint 1986-89 How we made art.

This was the program- I started out with 32 colors and this program…

the Digiview- ( how we brought images into the amiga) 86-69

    New Tec 1986

  • digitizes colour images in three pass using a colour filter wheel
  • the wheel has to be mounted on a monochrome camera and rotated for each successive scan – an optional motor drive (Digi-Droid) allows automatic rotation of the wheel
  • the composite video signal is fed to the RCA jack on the DigiView unit
  • 12 bit accuracy in colour, 4 bit in monochrome
  • connects to the A1000 parallel port, requires gender changer for later Amigas
  • supports all Amiga resolutions for digitizing and display, from 320 × 200 to 768 × 480
  • uses the Amiga RAM as framebuffer – requires at least 1 MB memory for functioning