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1986-1989 how the set up worked

so how it worked.

The video toolk 4 pictures red, green. blue and white by spinning the plasic dial in from of it.It showed on the monitor and on the computer (32 colors!) in deluxe paint and then I manipulated it and printed it out on the okimate.

Wax printer first piece.

so 32 colors and a video camera produced this….

an archival printer? 1986

I spent the first 10 years of my computer graphics life looking for and archival printer (color) my first solution in the 80’s was the okimate 20. an at home printer Thermal ribbon $1.00 a print ( this is when a hamburger cost $1) 8X 10 max.

okimate printer review

Guru meditation

and the best moment with an amiga was the error message… could C do better than this?

1986 my first Amiga

ok- it fell off a truck…. well sort of….. the Amiga shop that I bought it from…had had a bunch of amigas stolen but found again in the woods. no damage…but they had had the insurance paid ion it so were willing to sell it for $1000. 32 colors, digipaint, one flop ( no hard drive) 256 K memory …I was cooking